zondag 8 september 2013

Pure Markt - Park Frankendael

Things to do in Amsterdam on a lazy sunday afternoon!

Park Frankendael is a very nice park in Amsterdam Oost.
With the famous restaurant "de Kas"  and the bar/restaurant/venue Merkelbach located in the park cullinary delight seems to be always present.
When Pure Markt sets up in Frankendael Park it gets even better.
Seasonal delicacies from all over Europe are sold in a huge collection of little stands.
Bring your picnic blanket, your friends, your kids and enjoy park life while enjoying delicious dishes and drinks from the market.
Stroll around the stands who sell sustainable products, clothing, jewelry, furniture, ornaments, (organic) food products...

Entrance is free.
There is live music.
There is usually stuff for kids to do (make-up artists, carrousels, playgrounds...).
It's laid back, not overcrowded.

- a Butcher selling only pork products
- Pinxtos
- Hungarian bubbles


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