donderdag 31 oktober 2013

Amsterdam Restaurant Update October 13


Great industrial interior, massive garden outside. A very cool setting to wine and dine.
The night we were there there was a big table and the restaurant was understaffed.
It was chaotic and it felt like no-one was in charge. Long waits.

The food itself is good, it looks and tastes like the real deal. Not a greasy deep-fried concoction you often get in other tapas bars.
Quality ingredients and excellent cooks in the kitchen.
That's what it's all about.
The variety is huge as well, ranging from traditional tapas to more inventive pinxtos and some more elaborate dishes.

On a swell summer night, this is the right place to be.

Cafe Modern

It's hip, it feels like a hotspot, and it is a hotspot. Located in Noord, a neighbourhood that has been claimed "up and coming" for years, there's finally some proof off of NDSM wharf.
Cafe Modern is based in an old bank building, definately go to the restroom.

It's a big dining place, the setting takes you back to the fifties. The atmosphere is busy crowded, but not overwhelming.

The food: the chef cooks a weekly 5 course dinner for 40 €.
Amazing dishes but the portions were not very big, but just enough (when you have some bread in between).
It's inventive, very tasty, quality products... and price/quality ratio is good.
If only the chef adds some more veggies on the plate it would be perfect.

The wine selection is very cool, they had amazing wines, we went for a red Chinon. Perfect.

La Riva

A fantastic location. We had dinner on the Amstel, La Riva is on a pontoon. A very suitable location because we had boats bringing soil from the subway digging machine to the IJhaven, and passed this location thousand of times in the last 2 years.

The setting is minimalist, white, modern design. Big windows, nice views, nice open space, good accoustics, spacious. Very very comfortable.

The food: the quale was perfect, with chinese herbs, well prepared. Excellent starter.
The wild boar filet was a bit over done, which was a shame, because the meat was of excellent quality. Some sauerkraut, glaced carrots, sprout leaves and cantherelle mushrooms made the dish a little more interesting, however, I'm not so sure why fine restaurants believe sauerkraut or red beets are an absolute must to be served with game, especially the sauerkraut, I sometimes believe it's added to give the dish a kind of Dutch terroir feel...

The wine list is amazing, and very well priced. We had a chateauneuf du pape for 35€ a bottle.
It was a splendid wine.



This place opened in October 2013. It's what Amsterdam needs. A big trendy stylish place without looking too snobbish or commercial. Located in the art hotel, it oozes big city glamour and style.
Yet inside it's dark, huge and cozy. Great designers in other words.

Great staff. Compliments to Lars, our waiter, he was eloquent, helpfull, confident, not too present, offered his opinions and suggestions, which was very much appreciated.

 The food is mediterranean tapas. Medium sized dishes, so you pick 6 dishes for a party of 2.
We had a fantastic selection of cured meats and cheeses. Crab ravioli, perfectly spiced fennel sardines, wonderfully fresh burrata, wonderfully tender and well prepared ox cheeks, and ended in style with an amazing mascarpone lemon pie and chocolate delice.

The wine Lars suggested (Cote du Rhone), and thus overruling my request for an Australian Shiraz, matched perfectly with the Mediterranean dishes. The staff is really proud of their house wine, as it should be...
Pricetag: 120 € (drinks, one bottle of wine, 6 dishes, water, 2 deserts).
Price/Quality 10/10.
A needed and refreshing cosmopolitan addition to the Amsterdam cullinary scene. We'll be back... often.


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