donderdag 1 januari 2015

TOP 14 of 2014 in 020 (Amsterdam)

HAPPY 2015!

Let's start the year by compiling a list of 14 things in Amsterdam that were memorable.

1. BAK
Wonderful organic creative cuisine. In my top 3 of favorite Amsterdam restaurants.

2. Graceland Bar-B-Q
Authentic southern comfort food. A lot of meat, slow cooked in a massive made in USA BBQ by a very competent NYC chef.

3. De Foyer
Another restaurant from my Amsterdam top 3 list. Great location, great concept, amazing food, great service, a  lot of creativity.

4. Minimarkt
The first really cool store in my street. Creative kid stuff, play corner with a lot of toys, good coffee and cakes.

5. Headfirst Coffee Roasters
The best filter coffee in town.The Ethiopian coffee is to die for. Barista's who know what they're doing.

6. Le Coq
The white restaurant Open turned into the all black pop-up restaurant Le Coq. Delicious bites, great shared dining place.

7. Hotel de Goudfazant
A surreal venue, massive, buzzing, great views, fantastic food.

8. De Foodhallen
The best concept to immerse in Amsterdam. A food market with a wide variety of high quality food stands. A great place. Check it out before it makes the tourist guides.

 9. Marathonweg
The first cool restaurant in Oud Zuid with a great price/quality ratio. Great meat. Some kind of colonial/expat ambiance inside.

10. Citea
A wonderful cozy place serving a lot of delicious teas. A wonderful place to chill out.

11. Six & Sons
A very fun men's store, great coffee, a lot of beards. It can be that simple to make this list.

12. Tripel
Great service, improved music selection, a lot of nice Belgian beers.You'll often find me there.

13. Gekaapt
So Jan&Eef popped out, Gekaapt popped up. A very nice store, great gift ideas, realistic prices.

14. Walter Woodbury Bar
The best looking bar in Amsterdam, plain and simple. It's a cool  place.

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