zondag 28 juli 2013

Henk op de Helling festival

The setting couldn't be more suitable for an underground alternative dance festival.
The old abandoned shipyard of NDSM wharf in Amsterdam.

Think of all the cliches you can think of and they're there:
- A lot of very hot dreamy fairylike blonde hipsters
- a lot of popsicles
- a lot of people who don't do drugs while drinking alcohol
- a lot of people drinking water
- Very confident DJs producing hot beats
- blonde girls climbing on anything that looks like a dancing stage
- flags
- bandanas
- cool guys in bands
- tattoos
- enthousiastic crowds
- very cool eating stands
- meeting a lot of new people

Everyone visiting or living in Holland should attend an alternative dance festival.
Henk op de Helling is expensive.
Tickets are 46 euros pp.
The venue is small. 3 stages. One main stage, one rnb stage down a dangerous dark stairs in a basement (there are no lights down the stairs) and one stage playing background noises.
Drinks and food are expensive
Bar staff is not efficient so long waiting lines.
No re-entry. The festival starts at noon, arriving at noon and leaving early evening for a drink with friends at IJkantiene means exiting and paying another ticket at 50€. Not a good policy.

The good news
This was the last edition of Henk op de Helling.
Hopefully next year a better priced and especially better organized festival will replace this one.

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